what are the signs if your house has termites?

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do termites make noises behind a wall?

yeah it sounds like when you eat dry cornflakes……

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  1. cobra Says:

    yeah it sounds like when you eat dry cornflakes……
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  2. Gernot S Says:

    The house falling down is a sign of termites.
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  3. manisha a Says:

    the wooden furniture in u r in your house will have holes and they don’t make any noise!
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  4. chercinbob Says:

    look around the foundation of your house. you may see some fine shavings of wood on the ground or there could be small holes on the house itself. sometimes you will see them in the dirt next to the house. I had them in my deck and when I stepped on a section where there was a large colony of them, the boards broke and the wood was very mushy. I had to replace the whole deck and when I saw them when the guy ripped up the old deck, I thought I was going to hurl. if you think you may have a termite problem, I would get an exterminator out right away.
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  5. poorguy Says:

    You will notice powder like substances opposite the part where the termites eats. Termites also create cracking noise. You hear this specially when the place is solemn.
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  6. julius i Says:

    if u saw them in ur house….duh!!
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    nothing at all

  7. DARRIN O Says:

    feel the wood in areas you suspect they are present, they eat from the inside out, so the area will usually get soft.
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  8. Chris W Says:

    1. Winged termites found inside or on the outside of the house.

    2. Termite damage found.

    3. Drywood termite pellets found. (not shavings)

    4. Mud tubes found on outside foundation, in crawl space, on inside walls or coming down from ceiling.

    Yes, termites make noise when they are disturbed. The soldiers bang their heads against the side of the "runways" they eat away to scare away predators.

    However, these also make noise:
    old house borers
    weather changes which contract or expand the walls
    trees or bushes brushing against house
    water leaks

    Hopefully it’s not termites. The sound from their chewing is veeeeeery difficult to detect. A tool called a Termitiscope can detect their movement and noise.

    I’d call a professional company out to inspect. Make them PROVE to you there are termites. Call three companies just to be sure. Don’t bother with any company who wants to charge you for the inspection.
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